A downloadable game for Windows

You incarnate a thief who comes to loot a castle.The goal of the game is to leave the castle with the most gold as you can. But be careful, you need to eat and drink to survive and the castle is dangerous ! You could find behemoths ? Chose carefully your priorities : risk your life for more gold : is it worth ??

Explore the 10 rooms of the castle, fight skeleton, stole as much as you can and come back to the enter with your Teleportation Artifact.

Find the 30 objects of the game like : the Death Note, the shuriken of Kenny, the Tardis and many others to be the richest thief in the world !

The first version 1.0 of the game  was made in 48 hours by Toti and me.

Actual version : 1.1


Thief's Priorities 107 MB

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